Employer Note

Maidry pays

The monthly minimum salary for a foreign domestic helper is now HK$4870. In addition, the employer must provide three meals a day to the foreign domestic helper. If the employer chooses to use the meal allowance instead of the free meal, the allowance will be no less than HK$1,236 per month.

Family income

Under the Immigration Ordinance, the total income of the applicant or the applicant’s family must be not less than HK$180,000, which is an average of not less than HK$15,000 per month. This minimum income limit will also be adjusted as the salary of the domestic helper changes. Employers are required to show proof of income and financial status (tax returns, bank passbooks/deposits and rental property contracts) to the Immigration Department.

Residential requirements

  • Must provide appropriate and reasonable privacy, fixed beds and wardrobes for foreign domestic helpers to stay and place their clothes.
  • Arranging a helper to sleep in a temporary bed in the living room or kitchen, or sharing a room with a heterosexual adult violates the basic human rights of the domestic helper. Maids can be in the same room as women or children, but not in the same room as men 12 years of age or older. Therefore, in addition to the proof of income, the employer also needs to submit proof of address to the Immigration Department.
  • People who live in units of the Housing Department / Hong Kong Housing Society’s estates / estates can apply if they can provide a fixed bed for a foreign domestic helper. However, the employer must apply for a temporary residence permit for the foreign domestic helper to the Housing Department/Housing Association of the housing estate in which the foreign domestic helper can enter the employer’s flat. Employers must apply for a temporary residence permit for a temporary residence permit, a notarized contract and a photocopy of a worker’s passport to the estate/house office of the estate. It usually takes five to seven days to complete.

Other FDH interests

  • The FDH has the same general holidays as local employees including: annual leave, statutory holidays and rest days.
  • The FDH enjoys the same employment regulations as local employees, including sick leave, dismissal, work injury, pregnancy and long service payment.
  • Free medical care must be provided for foreign domestic helpers, including consultation fees, hospitalization expenses, and dental emergency.
  • You must purchase labor insurance for a foreign domestic helper.
  • A free round-trip ticket is required for each year to the foreign domestic helper to and from the place of origin.

Bid time

Employers who employ overseas domestic helpers need to be approved or endorsed by the national agencies of the various government departments and helpers, such as the Hong Kong Immigration Department, the national consulate, the national labor department and the immigration office. Take the Indonesian Maid as an example. The general bidding time is about three and a half months (calculated from the date of selection of the helper until the employee arrives in Hong Kong). The Filipino maids will take about three months. The length of time for the FDH to apply will also depend on the availability of documents provided by employers and helpers. If you are interested in planning to hire a domestic helper, you should give yourself enough time to prepare.

Employers must submit documents

  • A copy of the ID card. If the employer is not a Hong Kong permanent resident, please provide a copy of the valid travel document. (The inside page includes personal information and photos with the latest Hong Kong visas and other information)
  • Must provide the name, birth year and ID number or birth date number of all family members living on the contract address.
  • The name of the foreign domestic helper, the ID card number, the date of residence and the name of the employer on the contract must be provided by the employer and the family member.
  • Certificate of income and financial status, such as income certificate for nearly three months, tax bill, bank deposit record for nearly six months or total assets equivalent to not less than HK$360,000, etc. Inside. (Each employer, employer must earn an annual income of HK$180,000.00 or above. If two foreign domestic helpers are employed, the employer’s financial certificate must be HK$180,000 x 2 = HK$360,000 or above, and so on.)
  • If you hire more than one foreign domestic helper, you must submit a written explanation explaining why you need it.
  • If an employer presents proof of his or her spouse’s or his or her family’s economy or housing, they must present a marriage certificate with their spouse or proof of relationship with the immediate family member of the family.
  • Residential proof of housing, such as water bills, rates, residential telephone charges, TV charges, electricity bills, etc., bills, leases, etc. in the last three months, mobile phone bills or bank statements are not accepted .
  • If you rent a government public housing, you must submit 1 to 4 pages of the rent agreement of the Housing Department and obtain the temporary residence letter approved by the Housing Department;

Labour Department’s information on foreign domestic helpers, Please click here.