Many people do not know that Ramadan is a very important month for Muslims. Even if it is a migrant worker in Hong Kong, it is necessary to guard the order during this period. The following is a list of the life of the Muslim fasting month.


  • The fasting of “fasting” means eating, and the meaning of fasting is not to eat food

  • The fasting month is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. Muslims around the world must fast from morning to sunset this month, and return to normal diet only at night.

  • Ratual Month From sunrise to sunset, Muslims can’t drink, smoke, sex or curse others except they can’t eat it.

  • Muslims must abide by the precepts during fasting, except for weak patients, the elderly, children, pregnant women or women who can exempt from fasting during physiology

  • Because the fasting month is based on the Islamic calendar, the difference from the Western calendar is only 354 days a year, so the date of the fasting month is different, and it may happen in any month

  • Rast date of 2019, 2020:
    2019/05/06 – 2019/06/04
    2020/04/24 – 2020/05/23