New monthly rate of HK$4,520 to take effect from Saturday


【SCMP】The minimum wage for Hong Kong’s 380,000 foreign domestic workers will be raised to HK$4,520 (US$578) per month from Saturday, the government has said.

The new rate is an increase of HK$110, or 2.5 per cent.
Officials also announced on Friday that the minimum food allowance would be bumped up HK$22 to HK$1,075 per month – an increase of 2.1 per cent – for workers whose employers chose not to provide free food.
The new rates will apply to all contracts signed on or after Saturday.
An employers’ group called the increase “acceptable”, but migrant worker representatives labelled it a “slave wage increase” and said the government was relying too heavily on domestic workers to provide elderly care.

Contracts signed before Saturday at the existing minimum wage of HK$4,410 per month will only be processed by the city’s Immigration Department if they reach the authority on or before October 26.
The old food allowance of HK$1,053 will also apply if these contracts are submitted before that date.